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A2ID – L’Association Internationale et Inter Disciplinaries de La Décision
  • L'internationalisation de l'enseignement supérieur

    l'enseignement supérieur

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  • Bravo! la vie est belle!

    la vie est belle!

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  • en construire l'espoir

    Il faut vraiment !...construire l'espoir!..

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Association and Interdisciplinary of Decision (A2ID)

There have been many definitions and perspectives on the field of teaching and academic research. In 1998,

International Program

Direct Enrollment Allows students to enroll directly in a local university in the study abroad host country,


Congratulations! Wherever you are, however you are celebrating today, we want to welcome you into the alumni

98% Successful Rate

75% Completion

69 Happy Homes

$2052 Increased

1052 Queries

Building a Career that Aligns With Your Passions

The step by step process done by yourself is almost important things!

It will show you the clear foresight of your life, no doubt!...


We live and life with full responsibility

We Create Designs plan for you!

We create designs plan for you, more than carefully!


Your success is our happiness

Robust and lightening plan!

Robust & lightening plan!

Accessible and achievable

The plan !

We Create the plan for your successful program

Flexible !

Almost the program has been designed for a group

Robust team & Lightening prospective!

Lightening prospective will be deliver as well as foresight approaches

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